Writing on software design, company building, and workflows.

An extensive breakdown on the projects I architected and participated in.

Developing Resell Monster

The story about how I wrote and sold this software (written in JavaScript using Electron JS) that automatically purchases sneakers and other limited “hype” products online, manages your inventory, has beautiful analytics, and much more.

An OpenCV Experiment: PokerEye

All about how I wrote this software (written in Python using OpenCV machine learning) to calculate odds, equity, expected value, etc. for online poker in real time with a custom HUD attached to the poker table window.

My First Production-ready Software: Hair Ku Inventory Management

The process of how I wrote this inventory management software (written in C# using Windows Forms) for a local hair salon. It included both a cloud and local database for storing product, appointment, and client data. It also included an easy-to-use GUI for keeping track of transactions and upcoming appointments.